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Are you worried you’ll euthanize your Dear Dog too soon — or too late?

How will you know if your Dear Dog is suffering?

Do dogs really give a sign that they’re ready to go?

“It is very hard to euthanize any pet, but, it can be a final act of love. This book can guide your thinking to a decision that will be honest and loving.”
retired vet & Sammy’s Dad

You do not have to go through this alone.

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This warm and touching guidebook is for you if:

You are a new Dog Parent and want to lovingly care for your pet  from beginning to end  

You are an experienced Dog Parent with a sick or aging Dear Dog 

You are a Dog and Kid Parent and want to talk to your children about pet euthanasia  


The guidebook includes:

Stories from other Dog Parents to inspire and comfort you

Ten questions to help you notice changes in your dog’s wellbeing 

Guided meditations to hear your intuition —  a valuable resource in this decision 

Questions to ask your vet to better understand your dog’s prognosis and treatment options 

Guide sheets to walk you through evaluating if your dog is happy and healthy — or sad and suffering

An honest discussion of the unexpected gifts of making the decision to let your Dear Dog go

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Need more info?

  • Learn more about Dorothea and her Dear Dog Kali
  • See the 10 questions we walk you through in the guidebook
  • Meet two of the Dog Parents featured in the book: Danielle and John
  • Download three of the guide sheets that accompany the book
  • Help dogs in need — we donate 10% of your book purchase to a nonprofit animal rescue organization. We are currently supporting NMDOG.

Hear What Other Dog Parents Have to Say

“This amazing guidebook contains so many good, practical suggestions for dog parents. It helps you understand what’s happening with your dog and how you can respond courageously to the situation. The list of questions to ask your vet is great, so helpful.”
—MARISA WADDELL, Lou & Lily’s Mom

“It’s the hardest decision I’ve ever made and I had no resources to help me make it. I don’t want other dog parents to go through the same decision without support, so I’ve started sharing this book with friends.”
—NICÖLE BEER, Mojito’s mom

“I wish I would have had a guide like this when I put down my dog, Amber. In my heart I knew it was time, but we probably held on longer than was best for her.”
—JAN SIMMONS, Amber’s Mom

I Wrote this Guidebook for My Dear Dog Kali

When my husband, Mike Maxwell, and I adopted our first dog Kali, we finally felt like a family! For 15 wonderful years we shared many adventures together: Camping. Fetching! Hiking. Fetching! Snuggling. Fetching! And then, Kali got sick. We wanted to make the most loving choice possible for her — but we had questions, and having just moved to a new town,  nowhere to turn. After Kali’s euthanasia I asked, “What did we do right? What do we wish we had known?” I interviewed other Dog Parents too, including several vets. What emerged are the 10 questions within the guidebook. My hope is that it offers you solace through this difficult decision, like a good friend holding your hand.

About the Book Illustrator 

Saying Goodbye to Your Dear Dog was lovingly illustrated and designed by the gifted artist Vicky Rees. (You can read about her Dear Dog Jake in the guidebook.) The illustrations on this website are hers. She also paints beautiful pet portraits — she created the one of Kali on our book cover. Check out Vicky’s work here.

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