Video Interviews with Dog Parents

The Dog Parents below know exactly what you are going through because they have been there. They want you to benefit from their experiences saying goodbye to their Dear Dogs — including how they made their decision, what they wish they would have done differently, and what they felt they did well.

John Thompson & His Dog Bailey

John shares Bailey’s story, including:

  • Early changes he noticed in Bailey’s behavior
  • The relief he felt when Bailey was finally at peace
  • Why he wishes he would have let Bailey go sooner

Marisa Waddell & Her Dog Lou

Marisa shares Lou’s story, including:

  • The emergency vet’s kind gesture when Lou died suddenly
  • How her other dog reacted to life without Lou
  • Sharing a special Lou memorial ceremony with her godchildren

Vicky Rees & Her Dog Jake

Vicky shares how caregiving for Jake affected her, including:

  • What Jake’s final days were like for both of them
  • How advice from the vet helped her know when to say goodbye to Jake
  • Feeling guilty for feeling relieved when the caregiving ended

Vicky shares how she talked to her children about Jake’s euthanasia, including: 

  • Why she wanted her sons to have a chance to say goodbye
  • How she prepared her kids for Jake’s death
  • Why they chose the vet clinic instead of home for Jake’s euthanasia

Gustavo Brett & His Dog Sidney

Gustavo shares Sidney’s story, including:

  • How he used ceremony to prepare for her death
  • Sidney’s peaceful passing
  • How feeling his grief helps him move through it

Marilyn Colter & Her Dog Gracie

Marilyn shares Gracie’s story, including:

  • What ran through her mind while racing to the vet
  • What she wishes she would have done for Gracie
  • Why she still doesn’t feel ready for another dog

Toddler Maddy Plays with Her Dog Mojito


This one will make you smile, we promise!

If you have children, you may find the How to Talk to Your Children about Pet Euthanasia section from our Saying Goodbye to Your Dear Dog guidebook helpful, including:

  • How Maddy’s mom talked to her about Mojito’s euthanasia and what she wishes she would have said instead
  • Maddy reaction to Mojito’s death and how her grief evolved over the next 3 years
  • Suggestions from experts about how to discuss pet death with children based on their ages


Kali’s Then and Now

Question 8 from our book is, “Has my Dear Dog given me a sign?” Since it’s easy to miss some signs, we encourage you to look for a photo or video from when your Dear Dog felt well and compare it to a photo or video of them now. Below is an example of our dog, Kali.

Kali’s Then:

When Kali was younger, her favorite activity was fetching… and swimming!


Kali’s Now:

Looking at this video now, we realize how much Kali was suffering.