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Talking to your clients about end-of-life decisions for their dog is difficult.

Saying Goodbye to Your Dear Dog - 10 Questions to Help You Decide When it's Time to Euthanize
144 pages of warmly illustrated guidesheets, dog parent stories and helpful advice for making the hardest decision a dog parent ever makes in the lives of their Dear Dogs.

We can help.

Providing quality care for your patients while supporting their owners is important to you. That’s why we wanted you to know about this guidebook for people with sick or aging dogs.

Our guidebook offers dog parents a systematic approach to making the euthanasia decision, with:

  • 10 questions to assess their dog’s health and quality of life
  • 14 corresponding guide sheets to fill out
  • inspiring stories from other dog owners, including some who felt they waited too long
  • an end-of-life plan to work through with you so they know what to expect

“I wish I would have had a guide like this when I put down my dog Amber. In my heart I knew it was time, but we probably held on longer than was best for her.” —Jan Simmons

The book is particularly helpful for first-time dog owners or those who are having a difficult time letting go. It can serve to:

  • Confirm objectively what your client probably already knows in their heart, and
  • Reassure them afterward they made the most loving choice, which gives them peace of mind and bolsters their trust in you as their veterinarian.

Four ways to use the guidebook to help your clients:A veterinarian with his patients

  1. Provide our book as a retail purchase at your clinic. Our book is available through Ingram’s Retail Book Ordering Service and we offer a 55% wholesaler discount. Ingram can produce any quantity of books you may need and ship them directly to you. You should be able to find our book in Ingram’s catalog under the ISBN: 978-0-692-11576-3
  2. Buy wholesale for handing out to dog owners as a relationship-building tool.
  3. Order a unique, branded promo code to give to your customers so they can receive free or discounted books shipped directly to them.
  4. Refer your clients to our website to purchase — we can provide postcards for you to hand out with a QR code and link.

If you already have a coupon code for a complimentary copy of our guidebook, please begin your order here. You’ll be prompted for your coupon code in the sales process.

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