Helpful Audios for Dog Parents

SONG: Take Your Dog’s Advice — Go Outside!

Musician Craig Nuttycombe loves dogs. He’s had a canine companion by his side his entire adult life.

After losing his last dog, Koa, to bladder cancer, Craig said, “I really thought I might just forego another dog because saying goodbye hurt so much.”

A few months later something clicked in Craig’s head. He started thinking, “Hmmmm ….” and now there is Jarvis!

Craig’s Dear Dogs have been his muses for more than one song. Here’s a tune he wrote with Trilby in mind — the white dog in the photo below. It’s from his album “Impermanence.” As a dog lover yourself, we thought it might bring a smile to your face.

“Love’s the only thing that will remain.”
—Craig Nuttycombe


Craig’s dog Trilby (left) and her friend Zachary — the dogs in Craig’s song “Go Outside”!

Listen to more of Craig’s songs on his website:

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