Although it’s written for dog families, this book is like a hug for anyone who must contemplate their beloved’s critter’s eventual end. We have three cats and no dogs, but I’m sure this remarkably loving, thorough, and followable guide will hold my hand when we reach the later days of our cats’ lives. We thought we were close to the end with our oldest cat, Emma, when she developed an intestinal tumor last winter. For two months, we and she suffered while we awkwardly figured out the most reasonable plan of action. Our decision to treat her with chemo weekly or biweekly for 25 weeks seemed wrong at first, but it eventually worked out for the best; she’s cancer-free and back to her pretty lively former 13-year-old self. We were lucky to have a supportive and knowledgeable veterinarian and clinic staff, and especially the budget to pay for chemo. But the experience was painful, and I’m sure many of the checklists and reassuring reflections in “Saying Goodbye to Your Dear Dog” would have spared me some sleepless nights, life-altering uncertainty, and devastating depression as I imagined my life without our Emma cat. We don’t know how long she’ll remain in her currently healthy state, but this book will be my companion when she starts to show signs of decline.